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The government will distribute five million to communities to welcome migrant minors arriving in Ceuta – BCFocus


The government will approve, next week, an extraordinary loan so that the autonomous communities which welcome migrant minors who arrived this week in Ceuta, assume the expenses related to this situation, as reported by social rights sources. The same sources explained that this game will receive the green light at the Territorial Council which will take place this Tuesday, May 25, and that at this meeting, predictably, the distribution of this amount between the different autonomies will also be discussed.

Government and autonomous communities had already met on this issue this Wednesday, May 19, in a Territorial Council convened urgently after the crisis in Ceuta, in which the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 offered to regional executives the reception about 200 miners. The minors who will be accommodated by the CCAA are boys and girls who were already in protection centers in Ceuta and whose legal, educational and health situation is taken care of and regularized by the Autonomous City, as reported by the department. directed by Ione Belarra.

This meeting also addressed the distribution of minors between the territories, an issue which, according to sources present at the meeting, a climate of collaboration and solidarity was experienced as a “general trend”, while some communities like Andalusia had already announced before the I find their refusal to accept more minors.

“We already have 3,000 children. I imagine that for there to be equity, there will have to be a distribution with the rest of the autonomous communities which do not have the problem of the immigration of children like us. ‘have done in Andalusia “, argued the Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation of the Junta de Andalucía, Rocío Ruiz (citizens), before the meeting.

Euskadi, Murcia, Extremadura and Castile-La Mancha, ready to offer places of reception to minors

For their part, the Basque government, Murcia, Extremadura and Castile-La Mancha have expressed before the Territorial Council their desire to provide places of reception for minors. Galicia has also offered to collaborate on foster care. The Galician community, according to data from the Ministry of Social Policy, currently has 147 institutionalized unaccompanied minors. In addition, he agreed in January to receive 15 other minors from the Canary Islands, but they did not go to Galicia.

Likewise, Catalonia has informed Belarra that it will respond by welcoming only migrant minors who are in Ceuta, “as it has done in recent years, and more precisely two weeks ago with 43 minors from the islands. Canaries “.

Other articles for the reception of minors

The 5 million post which, as one might expect, will be approved by the Territorial Council next Tuesday, joins the others that the government has allocated for the reception of minors in recent months. More precisely, at the Territorial Council of April 30, Social Rights announced the distribution of eight million euros between the autonomous communities which had offered in solidarity to welcome foreign minors who migrate alone.

In addition, in December 2020, an additional 10 million euros have already been allocated to the Canary Islands to help these children. Regarding the proposal this Wednesday to welcome 200 minors, the ministry indicated that Ceuta is already able to transfer these children to the autonomous communities, for which it benefits from the support of the General Directorate of the Rights of the Child and the teenager.

As Belarra said, “these transfers could be made immediately, and thus be able to adequately care for the newly arrived children”. In this sense, he explained that, for the moment, these children are in emergency resources, but it is necessary “to ensure that they can be treated in the centers of protection of the city of Ceuta”.

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